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South West Durham Veterans Bowling League Rules 

1. Players enrolled as members of one club are prohibited from playing for another club without first obtaining permission from the veterans committee. 

2. The League is to consist of 3 rinks of 3 players, each playing 2 woods. 

3. A game shall consist of 21 ends. 2 trial ends (one each way) may be played. 

4. The two captains shall toss for choice of jack 

Weather Restriction’s

5. By mutual agreement, the two captains may, BEFORE the game commences, agree to a reduced number of ends (minimum 15) if the weather is inclement. 

6. Should a game be abandoned due to inclement weather (or by the green keepers instructions), then 11 (eleven) ends shall constitute a game. 

7. Should the number of ends completed be unequal on the rinks, the score shall be calculated from the rinks having played the least number of ends (not less than eleven) 

8. Should all matches in a Division be cancelled due to inclement weather the points for that match will be shared. 

9. Cancelled matches should be played within 4 weeks of the original match date 

10. The two Captains must BOTH agree to any abandonment. 

11. If less than 11 (eleven) ends have been completed, the fixture shall be rearranged and to start from scratch (see rule 9.) 

12. In the event of inclement weather, the opposing team must be consulted before 12 noon and a decision made about playing the game. 

Match and Player Rules 

13. Scoring 2 Points for each winning rink 1 Point each for draw. 2 points for the Highest aggregate 

14. A late arriving player(s) may only join the game if not more than 5 (five) ends have been completed. The end in play must be completed first. Shots must be deducted by one third, as per rule 21, up to this point. 

15. Seven days’ notice shall be given for any re-arranged fixture, unless mutually agreed. 

16. In the case of clubs with one or more teams, a player may only play for ONE TEAM in any one week. 

17. A player may only skip for one team in the same season. 

18. A player leaving one club and joining another during the playing season MAY NOT skip during the remainder of that season. 

19. Any member, who attains the age of 55 years shall be eligible to play in the Veteran’s League and Competitions provided they are an enrolled club member. 

20. A League side may play with a minimum of six players (two each rink), each to bowl 3 (three) woods. (Rule 21 to apply) 

21. Any rink playing two men shall have their shots reduced by one-one third. Fractions to be shown on the score card, and to count. In the event of two persons playing each other on the same rink, then both shall deduct shots. 

22. Holidays ARE NOT a valid excuse to postpone a game.

General Rules

23. All points to be played for. A league game cannot be conceded. 

24. Captains are responsible for checking that all names are correctly e n t e r e d on the score card. BOTH the HOME & A WAY TEAM are responsible for informing the League Secretary via the website or E-Mail of the match result without delay, ALL of the players must be listed. 

25. Failure to comply with any rule may result in TWO PENALTY p o i n t s being deducted from their League Table Points, by the League Committee. 

26. All League games will be played on a Wednesday after noon and must start at1400 hours unless agreed by the two Captains. 

27. Should a player or players have to leave the green due to an illness or other valid reason, such as notification of a bereavement, or accident to a member of his family, or his car being vandalised, then the Veterans Committee may approve that the game on that rink be continued from the point of the last completed end on another date. The r e m a i n i n g rink or r i n k s shall c o n t i n u e to play . In the
t r a g i c circumstances of a death on the green it would be understandable that play ceases. Should a substitute be necessary, he shall be an eligible player, he may not skip, and he MUST NOT have played for another team that week. 

28. In the unlikely event of two players having to leave the same rink at the same time:- a. If 11 ends have been completed, then that score shall stand as a completed game. b. If less than 11 ends have been completed, the League result shall be determined by the remaining two rinks, and each winning rink to score 3 (three) points plus two for the aggregate, points are shared in the event of a draw. 

29. The latest Bowls England rules shall apply to all games. 

30. In the event of a tie in the League positions, the final placing to be decided by the shot difference. 

31. Two teams from Divisions II with the highest points shall be promoted to Divisions I.

32. Two teams from Divisions I with lowest points shall be relegated to Divisions II. The 1st Place and 2nd Placed team in Division 2 will be promoted.

33. New team(s) must apply for membership at the AGM. In the event of team resigning, then promotion and or relegation s h a l l be varied to suit the circumstance. 

34. Should a team resign during the playing season then all points and shots relating to that teams fixtures shall be void and deducted. 

35. All Trophies will be presented at The AGM, a token presentation may be made on the green in the case the KO’s, the league secretary will arrange the return and collection of trophies during the month of august to prepare for the new presentations. 

Season 2019 Revision 






South West Durham Veterans Bowling League Competition Rules
The League & Double Pairs Knock Out competitions.

  1. THE TEAM KO is played as per a League Match.
  2. THE DOUBLE PAIRS competition each player shall use 4 woods, the match will consist of 21 ends.
  3. The League & Double Pairs Knock Out competitions shall be decided by the aggregate number of Shots.
  4. In the event of a tie, an extra end or ends must be played by all rinks.
  5. Captains are responsible for checking that all names are correctly entered on the score card, the home teams are responsible for informing the League Secretary by E-Mail Of the match result without delay and naming all of the players.
  6. A player may only play for one team in these competitions. He may not transfer or substitute, Once he has played a game e.g. if a player plays for the “A” team in the Team KO he can only Play for the “A” team in the Double Pairs. The Penalty for this offence is that the WHOLE TEAM be disqualified (1994 AGM)
  7. A player transferring clubs may not play for the second club if he has played for his previous Club (see rule 5)
  8. A player can only play for one team in any one week, e.g. he COULD NOT play league for a “A” Team and also play Double Pairs KO for the “B” team in the same week. (1994 AGM)
  9. The Team and Double Pairs Knock outs shall be played by the week designated at the spring Meeting and on the day stipulated by the Home Team, opponents unable to meet this date will FORFEIT the TIE unless there is MUTUAL agreement to play at another time, which must be no Later than the FRIDAY of the following week. (2005 AGM)
  10. A player must be eligible to play for his club as per rule 19 League Rules.
  11. The Secretary to make arrangements for the return of all of the trophies.
  12. All trophies shall be presented at the AGM. A token presentation may be made on the Green on Finals day.
  13. All finals are to be played on a neutral green, 3 venues will be selected at the Spring Meeting from Member Clubs prepared to host the Finals Free of Charge.
  14. If No.1 host Club is involved in a final it will be played at venue 2, likewise if Host Clubs 1 & 2 are involved in the Final it will be played at Host No. 3.

Open Singles, Pairs and Open Triples Competitions

  1. A Singles and Pairs Competition is open to all league members, the match will consist of 21 ends, 4 woods per player, 2 trial ends. The home player is Responsible for any match fee. No games to be arranged on match or cup dates. The home Player is to give two dates, no later than the Wednesday of the first week of the round


  1. A Triples Competition open to all members, the match will consist of 18 ends, 3 Woods each player, 2 trial ends. The home player is responsible for any match fee. No games to be arranged on match or cup dates. The home Player is to give two dates, NO LATER than Wednesday of the first week of the round.
  1. A substitute will be allowed providing he has not played in the competition.


South West Durham Veterans Bowling League (2018)

To promote, foster and safeguard the game of outdoor bowls.
To adopt and enforce the Laws of the game, as laid down by Bowls England.
To promote, organise and superintend various league matches and competitions between the Veterans’
To interpret, when called upon, any question of Law or practice and arbitrate in all disputes.

This is open to any approved veteran’s Bowling club in the South West Durham Area whose members attain the age of 55 years.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: The League fees shall be paid at the Spring Meeting, the amount to be as amended or agreed at the AGM

 COMMITTEE: All the affairs of the association shall be managed by a committee consisting of the following:- President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Auditor (s), and any other post that shall be decided at the AGM. All officers shall be elected at the AGM. In the event of unforeseen circumstances the committee shall have the power to appoint a member to fill that post and to confirm this action at the next association meeting or call a Special Meeting.                

The Committee shall have the power to submit motions and make recommendations to the AGM.                

Each Team shall have ONE vote at meetings. If a club has three teams but only two members are present then they only have two votes, similarly for a two team club if one person is present then they only have one vote.



 President:  To represent the Association at functions and competitions, he shall preside at all meetings and shall have an original vote and a casting vote if necessary.   

Secretary:   Shall convene all meetings and shall attend all such meetings, take minutes of the proceedings.

Honorary Treasurer:  The Hon. Secretary’s and the Hon. Treasurer’s posts may be combined. Shall receive all affiliation fees by the due date, pay all expenses, make up and prepare the accounts to the end of the financial year and submit to the auditor(s) before the AGM.

Auditor(s):  Shall be appointed to examine the expense accounts at the end of the financial year.

Sub-Committees: May be formed for a specific purpose. The President and the Hon. Secretary shall automatically be members. The President shall act as chairman and have a casting vote if required.            

The Annual General Meeting:

 This shall be held on the 1st Monday in October each year and the following Business shall be transacted. To receive a report from each officer.

To elect officers and any sub-committee, as required. To decide on the subscriptions, Competition Fees, Prize Monies, the Honoraria paid to the Hon. Secretary and to the Hon. Treasurer, and any other financial business.

To amend any Rule changes that may be necessary, or vote upon any proposed changes. To vote on any proposed additions to the League, or changes to the format of the League.

To present the Cups and Prize Monies to the winning clubs.      

The Spring Meeting: This shall be held on the 1st Monday in April each year and the following business shall be transacted:

All Proposals for change at the AGM must be submitted to the League Secretary before the end of June. The League Secretary will circulate all such proposals to all clubs in early July. To carry out the draw for the Team and Double Pairs Knock Out Competitions.

To transact any business held over from the AGM. To receive Affiliation Fees.

To arrange the League fixtures and playing dates.